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Customer Support Center

Lean on our support centre when you shop with Konica Minolta. If you have any questions or want to find out something some more information, we are here to help! If this page does not answer all your questions, feel free to reach out to our support team.

Frequently asked questions

How can I reach Konica Minolta customer service?

For product advice and questions regarding the webshop.
Working days 9:00–17:00
Tel: +32 2 717 08 88
Contact form

Service requests, technical support and tonerquestions
For support and questions about your current devices, log in to our customer portal or call +32 2 717 08 11
Working days 9:00–17:00

How much does a delivery cost?
For our products with RelaxRate the delivery is for free.
For directly purchased products without RelaxRate, delivery costs are:
  • 10 EUR for solely supplies (e.g. Toner or Toner waste box) delivery independent of number of ordered supplies
  • 25 EUR for printer deliveries independent of number of ordered printers
  • 25 EUR for combined orders, including one or more printer plus supplies
How can I see my delivery status?

To check your delivery status, please get in contact with our Customer Support.
Tel: +32 2 717 08 88



Do you allow international delivery?
No, we are only delivering via the shop within Belgium.
If you are located in Netherlands, please also check our shop there:
I have not yet received my delivery. How can I check my order status?
To check your order status, please get in contact with our Customer Support.
Tel: +32 2 717 08 88
Do you deliver to different delivery addresses with one order?
Currently we are only allowing the delivery to one address per order. If you have different addresses, please place separate orders.
Where can I see my invoices?
If you are a RelaxRate customer, you can see your invoices in our Customer portal.
In addition, all invoices are sent via e-mail to the e-mail address you provided during ordering.
Why should I register in Customer Portal?
By using the eCommerce portal you will improve your efficiency and be able to 24/7:
  • View your installed systems
  • Submit service requests and view their status
  • View our registered toner stock at your location
  • View the meter readings registered by us
  • View the status of toner supplies
In addition, your organization will also be able to customize the use of the portal because different users can be given different rights. After the initial registration you can indicate as a reply to this e-mail whether and which users can receive Administration (Admin) rights on the portal. As a user with Admin rights, you can additionally use the following functions:
  • View invoices
  • Create new users
  • Organize systems into groups and associate users with these systems. For example, these users can submit service requests for the systems assigned to them by logging in to the portal.
  • Set up reports per machine or group of machines
Where can I unsubscribe for the newsletter?
To unsubscribe for our newsletter please click here.
Can I cancel my order?
Once submitted your order cannot be cancelled for free. To discuss the details please get in contact with our customer support team:
Tel: +32 2 717 08 88
Are prices including VAT?
As this is a Business-to-business shop, prices are without VAT. You will see VAT explicitly shown on the invoice.
If an article is not available online, can I order via phone?
If you cannot find what you are looking for on our e-shop our customer support team would be glad to consult you in finding the right device. Please get in contact with our support team:
Tel: +32 2 717 08 88
Which payment methods do you allow?
In our online shop, you can pay with credit card and SEPA direct debit.
Do I have to create a customer account to order something?
No, we offer the possibility to order without a customer account. After order placement of a product with RelaxRate we invite our contracted customers to create an account for the customer self-service portal to enjoy the benefits of the same.
When will my bank account/ credit card be charged, when I buy from the Konica Minolta shop?
The first payment will be charged on 1st of the month after delivery of your products. If you bought a product in RelaxRate package, you will be charged on the beginning of each month during contract duration.
How can I change my name, the e-mail address or the address?
To change your name, e-mail address or address please get in contact with our customer support team:
Tel: +32 2 717 08 88
Where can I address GDPR-related queries?
You can find our Privacy Policy here.
For GDPR-related queries please get in contact with our GDPR team via
Where can I find general Terms of Use of Konica Minolta shop?
You can find the general Terms of use of this shop here.
Will there be an additional charge for toner or services?
In our RelaxRate packages, automatic toner ordering and delivery as well as full service is included and no extra costs will be charged. To get more details about the RelaxRate services please click here.
If my contract starts mid-month, do I pay for the whole month?
Independent from exact installation date, the RelaxRate contracts start always on 1st of the month after installation. For the time from installation to contract activation, we will calculate a pro-rate which covers the service for this interim time and will be charged it with the 1st monthly invoice.