Customer PortalCustomer Portal

Customer Portal

Benefit from our customer portal when you rent a printer with RelaxRate. A simple portal to simplify your interactions with our services accessible 24/7.

How will the Customer Portal help my company?

Our Customer Portal is a great way to manage and monitor your individual printers at any time from anywhere. Save time with the ability to access important data and documents at any time without any hassle. A single platform for your requests available 24/7 so that you you will have access to all the relevant information about systems, meter readings and invoices. You will also be able to order supplies and create service tickets. Access to our Customer Portal is included in our RelaxRate packages. Take a look and discover the benefits!

What can you do on the customer portal?

Accessible at any time1. Accessible at any time
Our platform is available 24/7 so you can submit queries to our team at any time.
Report technical issues2. Report technical issues
Submit a service ticket if you ever notice an error code on your machine.
Check your invoices3. Check your invoices
Keep all your financial documents in one single space so you can access at any time.
Consult recorded meter readings4. Consult recorded meter readings
Have a record and reporting of all meter recordings in one easy accessable place.
Monitor the status of toner deliveries5. Monitor the status of toner deliveries
Keep an up to date on any toner delivery placed automatically by your printer.
Submit and monitor requests for intervention6. Submit and monitor requests for intervention
Stay up to date with any requests you submit to our team.
Get your printer with RelaxRate

Get your printer with RelaxRate

You can get a range of customer benefits including the Customer Portal and more by renting a printer with RelaxRate. Take a look at our RelaxRate packages and rent your desired printer at a fixed monthly fee.
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